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Reimagining finance for global consumers

Our Story

Milo Credit was born out of the simple belief that everyone should have access to great amazing products. As foreigners in the US, we knew that was not the case. We felt that we were being left behind in the financial revolution.

Banks had neglected us, lenders avoided us, and others just wasted our times. This frustration led to action and compelled us to create a company with foreigners unique situations at its core.

About Us

Only 30%

of foreigners actually get approved for loans

We’re on a Mission

Milo Credit wanted to start with a product that a foreigner that owns US property could finally access. The loan process needed to be quicker, simpler, and all online. We realized very early on that we could help our customers increase their net worth if they could only access their illiquid assets.

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We have an amazing team and group of investors rethinking what is possible.

Meet the TeamJosip Rupena

CEO / Founder

Meet the TeamRaul Vidal

Loan Origination

Meet the TeamWilliam Penagos


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